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Submitted on
January 31, 2013


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A fellow donor and friend of mine just deactivated his account, he was a very generour and kind sir. Upon leaving he donated nearly 1000 :points: to me. I wish to do what he has done to me countless times, I wish to donate these points to the community like he has. Community being you guys. The public.
So I going to do something very simple.  Below is a form, if you wish to have some :points: for some reason please fill it out. But please read the rules involved.

This will be my new project Wish Upon a Star if you advertise this project and tell other donors it would be muchly appreciated.
:bulletred: Please don't ask for a Premium Membership for your account or dA merchandise.
:bulletorange: Please don't make it to expensive. I think maybe 50 is the max I want to donate to one user.
:bulletyellow: If it's a commission or adoptable I will buy it on your behalf and gift it to you. (So the points are used for the intended purpose. ^^; )
:bulletgreen: You can wish two (2) times, but only one of your wishes may be granted.
If any points are donated to me before the I get to 0 they will be added to the "Amount of points left" section. So if you donate to me before the toll hits 0 your points will go to this cause. My wish is to keep this going for as long as possible so any donations would be appreciated.
Wish: (Reason you want points)
Account you wish to donate it to: (You can gift it to someone else)
Is it a Commission or Adoptable: Yes/No (if yes, please provide a link.)


All Prize donators will be put on Work-for-your-points feature lists for forever! You'll also be featured here.

This is this projects final reach out to the public to keep it going, any point donations from now until it gets to 150 :points: will go towards the giveaway, anything after that will go directly to continuing the project. So please open your heart so the project can continue.


56 :points:
Llama from La--Volpe, Arlesienne
Chibi and Half-Body request from La--Volpe
Feature from La--Volpe

(You don't have to claim all the prizes if you don't want them.)

How to enter

All you have to do is:
:bulletred: Add this Journal to your favourites.
:bulletred: Write a journal about the Project.
:bulletred: Add a comment with a link to your journal.

:bulletred: People who have already made a wish are automatically entered.

Wishes granted:


I would love to keep this total going up.

Amount of points left:


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with love ♥
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